Wednesday, May 30

Mike's surprise!!

Last Monday Mike celebrated his 21st birthday!

The night before, Mike called me and invited me to watch Rajo's show for Fashion week (which I heard was very successful!), but unfortunately I had a dinner, so I couldn't go. During the dinner, my phone died so I couldn't get in contact with anyone. Anyway, to make the long story short, Mike was so pissed at me because I didn't get to make salubong his birthday. The day after, I thought of every excuse I could possibly give to Mike just to not meet up with him. Little did he know I was running around Market Market with a few friends printing photos, buying crepe paper, balloons and what not, for the surprise party I was planning for him. 

Anyway, so together with Franco, Mond, George and Carlos, I was able to throw Mike his first ever surprise party at Big Bad Wolf!


Pao, Javi, Santa and Archie (early people helped me decorate)

George and Mond trying to get Mike to come to Big Bad Wolf without giving the "surprise" away

Thanks so much Ces for helping me decorate! So happy I told you to come at 9 haha 

Franco's attempt to draw Mike haha 


Officially the 2 worst people to plan surprises with!!
 I ask Franco to help me out by bringing Mike to big bad wolf at 10 pm for the surprise later that night. At 7pm, he comes to Big Bad while I'm fixing up and tells me he has no phone. =/ Then I ask Carlos to help me instead and he agrees. Throughout the whole "pre-surprise" part, he didn't reply to any of my texts. I asked him why he didn't reply he was like "you are the least of my concerns" hahaha fml

Some of my favorite people in the world 

After the surprise, those who brought Mike to Big bad were telling me he said "Ava hasn't contacted me at all, she officially isn't my friend" haha I'm so happy you had such a great time Mikey! I love you so much! Wish Jess were here to celebrate with us! JAM <3 haha

Also, I really want to thank Big Bad Wolf for allowing us to decorate the place and throw confetti all over!! They were soo accommodating the whole time!



  1. Aww, happy birthday Mike gwapo! And you're so sweet Avs (uy close!) Love your friendship guys =)

  2. Cutie Mikey! Happy birthday again Mike, sayang Jess didn't get in the surprise party.

  3. Ava’s the sweetest frend ever.!us so lucky mikey to have ava...kaiingit much!


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