Sunday, May 6

Footzy shoes

 I just got a pair of Footzy shoes that I love! The colors are so vibrant and fun and the design is super cute! My friend gave me a cyan and beige colored one but I saw another pair in tones of beige that I want to get too. haha
 Excuse the poor quality of the photo, I was rushing to head out!

 These are the ones I have (very "summer-y" look)
 You guys should check out their Facebook page to see all their new colors and cute other designs HERE.

(I made a mistake with the number when i posted it! sorry, it's the right one now)
They're only P1000! If you want to order a pair call 09173366746 and look for Nikki.



  1. Cute shoes Ava!! The illustration up top of you and Jessica..THE best! hahaha

    1. PIA! aw thank you! i suuuper love your blog!! Your drawings are soo incredibly amazing!!

    2. I wasnt notified of your reply!! Thanks so much! Too bad we didnt hang out at all it Spain!

  2. Ava pls more tips and advce! I wil study abroad ths october! I'm scared! U and jes looks like an expert in ths!


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