Wednesday, May 30

Mike's surprise!!

Last Monday Mike celebrated his 21st birthday!

The night before, Mike called me and invited me to watch Rajo's show for Fashion week (which I heard was very successful!), but unfortunately I had a dinner, so I couldn't go. During the dinner, my phone died so I couldn't get in contact with anyone. Anyway, to make the long story short, Mike was so pissed at me because I didn't get to make salubong his birthday. The day after, I thought of every excuse I could possibly give to Mike just to not meet up with him. Little did he know I was running around Market Market with a few friends printing photos, buying crepe paper, balloons and what not, for the surprise party I was planning for him. 

Anyway, so together with Franco, Mond, George and Carlos, I was able to throw Mike his first ever surprise party at Big Bad Wolf!


Pao, Javi, Santa and Archie (early people helped me decorate)

George and Mond trying to get Mike to come to Big Bad Wolf without giving the "surprise" away

Thanks so much Ces for helping me decorate! So happy I told you to come at 9 haha 

Franco's attempt to draw Mike haha 


Officially the 2 worst people to plan surprises with!!
 I ask Franco to help me out by bringing Mike to big bad wolf at 10 pm for the surprise later that night. At 7pm, he comes to Big Bad while I'm fixing up and tells me he has no phone. =/ Then I ask Carlos to help me instead and he agrees. Throughout the whole "pre-surprise" part, he didn't reply to any of my texts. I asked him why he didn't reply he was like "you are the least of my concerns" hahaha fml

Some of my favorite people in the world 

After the surprise, those who brought Mike to Big bad were telling me he said "Ava hasn't contacted me at all, she officially isn't my friend" haha I'm so happy you had such a great time Mikey! I love you so much! Wish Jess were here to celebrate with us! JAM <3 haha

Also, I really want to thank Big Bad Wolf for allowing us to decorate the place and throw confetti all over!! They were soo accommodating the whole time!


Saturday, May 26


Moving into a new room soon so I dug up some pictures I've saved over the years for some ideas. 

My favourite model, Daria, in her room

Random inspiration

This is the house of Taylor Tomasi Hill, one of my favourite stylists.
I love all the colourful accents in the white room background.

I love her bed. And her beautiful self. 

And because I've been listening to Amy Winehouse a lot today.
Shes so talented, such an interesting person - watch for all her ticks and fidgeting in this clip. 
And another favourite of hers :) 

Love Jess

Friday, May 25

Dinner with Joe Jonas

Just this Tuesday, Mond,George, my sister, Adrian, Borgy and myself were invited by the bench family to an intimate dinner with their newest endorser, Joe Jonas!

The dinner was held at Buddha Bar (which is soo beautiful btw! My first time there. Reminds me a lot of Buddha Khan, one of my fave restaurants in New York!) We arrived a bit late (because stupid me left my camera at home and had to get it) When we got there, Ben and Miguel introduced us to his manager (I forgot his name!),Joe's bodyguard, Derek, and Joe. We sat in a private function room that had two long tables across each other. Luckily, we were part of the one with Joe. Sitting with us in the table were some of Bench's other endorsers like the gorgeous Bianca Gonzalez (who told me that night that she thought our blog was cute! haha) and Lucy Torres Gomez, Raymond Ang, a few others I wasn't able to get introduced to, and ofcourse, Miguel Pastor and Ben Chan. 

My sister was like "Av, can you take our picture" then she brings out a huge-ass polaroid hahah (prepared much?)

Joe (uy close) was telling us about his Coachella music fest experience with his friends and how they've been going almost every year.  (Apparently, there's a closed VIP section that they all hang out in) Also, we got into the topic of restaurants in LA, he mentioned some Mexican-Korean restaurant was his all-time favorite. Of course, we all got so excited with the topic of food. He was like "Ohmygod you guys are my favorite people right now". He was talking about his brother's so I asked him if they ever fought, and I don't know if it's just his "showbiz" answer but he said "not at all, we always get along," so I asked him to give my sister tips haha jk.  He was so cute because he was actually genuinely interested in everything we'd say. Him and his bodyguard Derek were a lot of fun to talk to! They were telling us that they're boxing fans as well! (they want to see Pacquaio vs. Mayweather, who doesn't?) 

This was his first time ever in Asia and he was saying that it's nothing like he had expected. Everything looked so modern. He told us he asked his friend Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, a Filipina Hollywood actress, about the Philippines, and she gave him the lowdown.
I'll upload more of the dinner pictures soon!

Yay! Love the bench family!! <3


Tuesday, May 22

Super fun in the Philippines

Last week when my sister visited me in London, she showed me the clips from their Call Me Maybe videos. Today I found it posted on Facebook by several people and figured it will be seen by many in Manila pretty soon anyway so why not shamelessly advertise our blog at the same time. =)

I wish we could do one too Av. with Mike. Ha ha 
This video makes me so homesick.


Lady Gaga, thanks to Smart!

Yesterday I got to go to Lady Gaga's concert care of Smart! (Thank you so much!!) I watched her last concert here in the Philippines and, I must say, this concert was waaay better! Aside from scoring seats that were way closer to the stage, the whole concert was so just a lot more fun! I didn't get the best pictures cause I was so distracted. 

Got into the "lady gaga" leather SNM (ew) look haha

Nicole, Madz and my sister

A lot of people complain how strange and obnoxious she is, but after being able to travel to so many different places last year, I realized there are Lady Gaga's all over the world. haha She reminds me of a combination of so many stars. Like a Dita-Von-Teese-meets-Evan-Rachel-woods-meets-kyss-meets-Cyndi-Lauper haha What makes her soo unique and interesting is that she's extremely confident. She's definitely an amazing performer!(you can't argue that she's a sucky celebrity because, whether or not you like the song, I'm sure every one of you knows at least one of her songs)

I don't know where she gathers up the confidence to wear her weird outfits, but I commend her for it. I don't know how much you'll have to pay me to come out in public (even crazier, a press conference) looking like this...

... maybe if you gave me the guy from the "call me maybe" video!

Thank you Smart for giving me a chance to watch her again LIVE and BETTER!


Monday, May 21

German music

Yesterday, Moritz and I went to a music festival called Docklands in Munster, Germany.

After a long journey of train and bus rides from Maastricht, we finally made it to the festival grounds.

One of my favourite German DJs, Fritz Kalkbrenner, headlined the show. As I only knew of him in the recent year, I am sure many people back home have never heard of him or his famous brother, Paul Kalkbrenner but I can assure you that their music is really good!

Some of my favourite songs from the two brothers:

The festival was held around the city itself in different venues.
This was one of them - Coconut Beach Club, a really cool venue in the middle of the city.

Didn't get to take any pictures of the night sadly. 

Im back in Maastricht again for the week/end and leaving on Wednesday back to London.
I finally found a place in East London that I really love which was so difficult to do as the demand for a room in London is so great right now. So excited to go back and fix up my new place! :) 

 To say bye, heres another German song I love and try to sing along to:


Sunday, May 20

Food takes

Jess, I was watching my Geri cook a last minute dinner for our friend who just arrived and decided to be annoying and take pictures and post them cause the menu sounded so good! And you know my 2 favorite words last Christmas hahaha true and truffle

 For our appetizer:
Truffle honey glazed bacon with melted Gruyere cheese

1. Cut French bread into pieces
 2. Spread tomato paste on top of each piece
3. Meanwhile, she cooked the bacon but not fully cause she planned to bake it after
4. Put the bacon on top of each piece and put the pan in the oven

5. When the cheese melted she took it out and drizzled it with some Truffle honey and put some capers on top

 Cajun Shrimp:

 1. Mix together paprika, Cajun pepper, Cayenne pepper, thyme and salt
2. In a frying pan, cook chopped garlic with olive oil and add the spices to it
3. She added the shrimp to it 

There was more but I got distracted while taking pictures :( Anyway if you want to see more mouth-watering food pictures follow @gercamahort on twitter!

<3 Ava

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