Monday, July 9

Yahoo OMG awards

Last Friday I went to the Yahoo OMG! awards night with Lau, Mike and Fargo. It was hosted by my sister, Mond and Solenn, which was pretty exciting because I've never actually seen my sister host live! So we arrived at the event at I did not expect it to be that big. We got down in front of the SM arena entrance and I was so shocked. It was the typical "red carpet" scene-- paparazzi and fans screaming (obviously not my fans haha). Pretty crazy though! We entered the area and were met at the "purple" carpet by Liz Uy, who was hosting for a show.

Some photos were taken from my friend Kim Bernardo who was ushering for the event. My camera is slowly dying of old age so when I get a new camera, promise I'll have cuter photos.

And this photo was taken after we passed the photo op area

Me and Kim

Lau in her super cute sequined outfit!

The event hosts: Isabelle Daza (in a silver sequined dress by Boom Sason) Raymond Gutierrez, Solenn Heusaff 

Sos won Best Female Newcomer! Yay! 

I noticed he was a crowd favorite!

Mike, me, and JM!

The "younger (more fun) group" haha Lau, Jas (who was also nominated for Best Female Newcomer! and also presented an award!) and I. 

Fargo, Mike, Emel, Liz and I.

The After-party at Prive hosted by Magnum:

DJ Callum David

Hannah, Xtina, Boom (up and coming designer that my sister wore for the event)

Fargo, our cousin


Sunday, July 1

Rock of Ages Partyyyy

Last night two of my friends, Jose and Roy, celebrated their birthdays in the events hall of Makati Cinema Square. The theme was "Rock of Ages/ Glam Rock", hence the costumes. My costume was so lame compared to all the guys but whatever, it was a greeaaattt night!!

Didn't get to take too many photos though :(

My shoes for the night! Black wedges with studs and chains. So fit for the theme! Check out SPRUCE for suuuper cute shoes!

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