Monday, October 8

Manila Art Festival 2012

Manila Art Festical 2012
in SMX Mall of Asia

Here are a few photos of the paintings and sculptures I really liked:
I wasn't able to get the details of most since I just rushed through the exhibit

This was part of a painting
that I really loved. I wish I
knew how to paint like this.

This painting created an illusion as if it was still wrapped in plastic. I seriously had to walk right infront of it to figure out if it was or not. So cool!

Another piece that I loved! So much going on but they're put together perfectly!

This was made with just one LONG copper wire by an artist named Ian Valladarez. He said it took him 3 whole months of working for 6 hours to complete this.

Polarized painting

They even had vintage posters of old local movies!

Philippine setting seen through a modern fish-eye lens 

This was also just a part of a much bigger painting. I really loved this one because of the artist really paid so much attention to detail. Down to the stitching of the pocket of the pants which I could barely even see.

A cool sculpture I really liked!

I'm not too sure what material was used for this but I love it!

This style of painting is similar to what I like most! My friend and I were saying if we owned a pub we'd have paintings like these hung around for sure!

Another sculture that I found so interesting!

If I'm not mistaken, this was made by a 17 year old artist. Looks so simple but the face is done so beautifully!

Most of the artworks I like usually are very modern and popart-ish. Here are some of the paintings I made earlier this year: (I don't really paint often but when I'm bored I love painting, some of them are kind of worn out cause I don't hang them I just store them in my storage)

I found a cute photo of Marilyn and made this 3 months ago

Probably my first pop art painting I've made. It's of the character Archer. I made it in Madrid during winter cause I couldn't leave our flat so I was so bored.

Another one I made in Madrid but I didn't store it properly so the paint faded. :(

This I sewed onto a canvas. Pages of Dr. Suess.

Starting to really LOVE going to these exhibits that my friend brings me to!

<3 Ava

Friday, October 5

Esquire Ball 2012

Yet another successful ball for the Esquire team who celebrated their 1st year anniversary just this Tuesday! Congratulations to Mond, Ces and the rest of the staff behind Esquire!
Beautiful decorations, stunning outfits, and GREAT company!

Super super thank you to Boom Sason for my BEAUTIFUL dress!! I found it on the day itself and instantly fell in love with it!!
Super super thank you to Paolo Maranan and Jaime Sy as well for my make-up and hair!

Sorry for the poor quality photos, I can't wait to get an SLR already!

Getting ready! 

Two of my bestest friends ever! Berta and Anna 

With my tita Sylvia Hawkins and Zoe O' Sullivan 

With Mike (who is part of Esquire's list of stylish men) and Franco

With Adrian (who was also part of Esquire's list of stylish men!)

Me, Raymond, Ash and Boom

 My savior and a very talented designer, Boom Sason!

With Marc, Tim and Bianca! Such cool outfits!

with George. Who let me wear this dress of hers from Boom!  

Our red carpet picture

Looking forward to attending more Esquire balls every year! I love how everyone looks so elegant and formal but are still so game to drink and have fun!

<3 Ava

Tuesday, October 2

PREMIO: Filipino Comfort Food

I was invited to Premio restaurant in Bonifacio Global City, by the F1 building, by Nicole. We had our little date there and we were surprised to bump into one of my fave couples, Lau and Rob there! (They LOVE the restaurant as well)

Here are some food porn photos for your enjoyment:

Starter: Crab cakes(Fresh lump
crabmeat, preserved lemons,
Sauvignon Blanc Sauce)

Nic's order: 
Grilled Salmon salad with
an amazing vinagairette 

Panini: Smoked Porkloin with Honey Balsamic glaze, and grainy Mustard

Uhh I LOVE paninis and this one is SO good! It's thin so it's not too heavy and it's SO yummy!! Even the side dish of the salad was so good!

Jess you would LOVE this! It's your fave. Okay because I couldn't choose between a soup or a sandwich, I got both =| 

Prawn Sinigang-- perfect "sourness" to it! I swear Jess and I are like a Sinigang connoisseur's haha  

Their BEST dish!!!

Crispy Porkbelly Kare-Kare.

Dessert: Berry Panacotta (always a good choice for dessert!)

Thank you so much Nicole for bringing me there!! SUUUPER worth breaking my diet haha

Premio Bar & Restaurant
F1 City Center, 32nd St., Fort Bonifacio 

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