Tuesday, October 2

PREMIO: Filipino Comfort Food

I was invited to Premio restaurant in Bonifacio Global City, by the F1 building, by Nicole. We had our little date there and we were surprised to bump into one of my fave couples, Lau and Rob there! (They LOVE the restaurant as well)

Here are some food porn photos for your enjoyment:

Starter: Crab cakes(Fresh lump
crabmeat, preserved lemons,
Sauvignon Blanc Sauce)

Nic's order: 
Grilled Salmon salad with
an amazing vinagairette 

Panini: Smoked Porkloin with Honey Balsamic glaze, and grainy Mustard

Uhh I LOVE paninis and this one is SO good! It's thin so it's not too heavy and it's SO yummy!! Even the side dish of the salad was so good!

Jess you would LOVE this! It's your fave. Okay because I couldn't choose between a soup or a sandwich, I got both =| 

Prawn Sinigang-- perfect "sourness" to it! I swear Jess and I are like a Sinigang connoisseur's haha  

Their BEST dish!!!

Crispy Porkbelly Kare-Kare.

Dessert: Berry Panacotta (always a good choice for dessert!)

Thank you so much Nicole for bringing me there!! SUUUPER worth breaking my diet haha

Premio Bar & Restaurant
F1 City Center, 32nd St., Fort Bonifacio 


  1. Mouthwatering. Will definitely visit the place soon. :)

    xx Diana

  2. The Crispy Pork Belly Kare-Kare looks awesome! I gotta try that one out soon :)



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