Monday, October 8

Manila Art Festival 2012

Manila Art Festical 2012
in SMX Mall of Asia

Here are a few photos of the paintings and sculptures I really liked:
I wasn't able to get the details of most since I just rushed through the exhibit

This was part of a painting
that I really loved. I wish I
knew how to paint like this.

This painting created an illusion as if it was still wrapped in plastic. I seriously had to walk right infront of it to figure out if it was or not. So cool!

Another piece that I loved! So much going on but they're put together perfectly!

This was made with just one LONG copper wire by an artist named Ian Valladarez. He said it took him 3 whole months of working for 6 hours to complete this.

Polarized painting

They even had vintage posters of old local movies!

Philippine setting seen through a modern fish-eye lens 

This was also just a part of a much bigger painting. I really loved this one because of the artist really paid so much attention to detail. Down to the stitching of the pocket of the pants which I could barely even see.

A cool sculpture I really liked!

I'm not too sure what material was used for this but I love it!

This style of painting is similar to what I like most! My friend and I were saying if we owned a pub we'd have paintings like these hung around for sure!

Another sculture that I found so interesting!

If I'm not mistaken, this was made by a 17 year old artist. Looks so simple but the face is done so beautifully!

Most of the artworks I like usually are very modern and popart-ish. Here are some of the paintings I made earlier this year: (I don't really paint often but when I'm bored I love painting, some of them are kind of worn out cause I don't hang them I just store them in my storage)

I found a cute photo of Marilyn and made this 3 months ago

Probably my first pop art painting I've made. It's of the character Archer. I made it in Madrid during winter cause I couldn't leave our flat so I was so bored.

Another one I made in Madrid but I didn't store it properly so the paint faded. :(

This I sewed onto a canvas. Pages of Dr. Suess.

Starting to really LOVE going to these exhibits that my friend brings me to!

<3 Ava

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