Monday, April 23

NY video in 2008

This is a video I made 4 years ago (excuse the amateur editing) of a trip to NY with Jess! We were there with my sister Isabelle, my cousin Martine, Mond, Anne, Bea, Maki, and Matteo. I love making videos of trips out of town, its the best way to remember what went downnn!
Halloween in New York 2008

 P.S. You guys should check out our cousin Martine's blog! It's so much fun!

Sunday, April 22

What I've been doing

Sorry to Ava and all those that follow our blog, I've been really busy in Europe the last week trying to settle down and figure out where I'm going to live. I know I talked about moving to Berlin but as life is constantly surprising me, I'm now moved to London for the meantime and hopefully... for awhile :) 

Will update you soon on that though. 
Been working on my CV/ resume which is a constant reminder to me that I have to keep being busy and active, so if you have the spare time this summer, try out internships and work experience because they are so so important.  And when I have time, and hopefully soon, I'll post my job experience journey and how I've learnt to work on my CV/resume and tips for everyone else struggling with it like I did. :)

One of the best cities in Europe - MAASTRICHT, the Netherlands. 
This is where I spent the my last semester of university on an exchange program. Seriously had so much fun. 
Definitely recommend going on exchange to all those thinking about it!

Here we went exploring a nearby city called Roermond where all the fun outlets are.

Next day, we drove to Cologne, Germany.
where cologne/perfum actually gets its name from. 

Us being baboys/pigs in a sushi restaurant

Quickly explored a small city called Soest before going home

On the train back home. 



Friday, April 20

Japan (2)

More photos from Japan

Joined a Pottery class!

 Our view from the hotel of the famous Tokyo street where so many movies are shot!

Thursday, April 19

Car wash

This is a very random post but at the time, it was a very intense moment and thought I might share it. :) 

I had always wanted to go through a car wash. I think I remember doing it as a kid in England and imagined it to be a lot of fun to do again now, so I decided to stay in the car during the wash - which apparently no one does... --- it was really scary.

More posts coming from Europe.

Wednesday, April 18

A night out and cute watches :)

 With Ange, Carlos and Mike

I'm wearing this super cute watch I got from Phosphor! It's studded with crystals and has a black leather strap. I love how it's a big watch for women (Jess got me into wearing men's watches before and since then I've always loved big watches)

My friend sent me others I could choose from! Yay! These are my top picks.

I see mine up there

They're bringing them into the Philippines now (I'm seeing so many ads of it online actually) and the distributor told me that if anyone who reads our blog wants to order one to text this number 09157893163 and you can get a 5% discount! I suggest you do, super affordable and super cute!

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