Sunday, April 1

Ava in Madrid.

 Last November I moved to Madrid, Spain, for a couple of months. I studied spanish at Inhispania and stayed in a really cute studio in the middle of the city, Callao. 
My roommate, Anna, and I.
The tapas in Madrid were heavenly.
Warmed brie cheese with jam on a bed of seasoned arugula 
and toasted bread from CAFE LA LUZ
With my Madrid Filipino Family
Thanksgiving 2011
We were lucky enough to catch a Real Madrid game before I left!
So amazing to actually see live
Real Madrid vs. Zaragoza (Madrid won!)
At our flat
First day of school with my classmates
Picnic at Retiro Park.
with our pots and pans (very pinoy haha)

I attempted to sum up my trip in a few pictures but there are so 
many more I'd love to put. I'll save the others for future posts instead.
Can't wait to go back when I'm done with school!



  1. hello jessica, you're still using your tumblr pa? :)

  2. hey avs!! stumbled upon your blog. madrid misses you so much! love ya, z


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