Friday, April 6

Kyoto in a day

There's so much to see in Japan! I wish holy week could be longer. 
We crammed 2-3 day's itinerary into one whole day cause tomorrow we're off to Shibuya (shopping and to meet up with George and Borgy!)

Sushi box set

 Can someone please notice my photography skills!
I've been playing around with Adrien's SLR
and finally produced a nice photo of Salmon Roe haha

 On the way to Kyoto we pass Mt. Fuji

We arrived on the best time of the year
the cherry blossoms are out, the city is so beautiful! 

At the temple gardens

Taken at the Heian Jingu Shrine 

We actually biked around the city but we didn't take any photos. 
Anyway, time to get some shut eye. :)


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