Thursday, April 19

Car wash

This is a very random post but at the time, it was a very intense moment and thought I might share it. :) 

I had always wanted to go through a car wash. I think I remember doing it as a kid in England and imagined it to be a lot of fun to do again now, so I decided to stay in the car during the wash - which apparently no one does... --- it was really scary.

More posts coming from Europe.


  1. This is funny. Scary, but definitely something you can look back on with amusement. :)

  2. Jizzard! that's so fun!! i've always wanted to go to a carwash like that! i get paranoid tho after watching Final Destination (the carwash scene) haha -avs

  3. We do stay in the car while it goes through the wash here in the US. ....


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