Sunday, April 1

My bedrooms

In my 22 years of life, I have moved houses 10 times. Crazy. 
Here are few of my different bedrooms that I have lived in and loved.

1. Room C4.20.12 Guesthouse -  Maastricht, Holland 
 I had the tiniest room yet managed to fit 5 of my closest Sydney friends who came to visit for a weekend <3
Ava came to visit - forced her to extend her two day visit into a week.
 End of exchange semester, December 23, 2011: One of my saddest days

2. 36 Lodge st. Glebe, Sydney, Australia
Third room in Sydney and had the bestest friends for housemates 

3. 21 b Billyard Avenue Elizabeth Bay, Sydney, Australia
Couldn't find a picture of my bedroom but looked similar to the living room

4. Missing pictures from the Newtown place in Sydney 
5. Permanent room at home - Makati, Philippines

6. San Lorenzo Village, Makati, Philippines
      The last four, I don't have pictures of but they do exist!

   Professional mover, unhappy traveler. 



  1. Where are your favourite hangouts in Sydney?


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