Wednesday, April 4

Feeling like Wagyu

I arrived at Niigata, Japan this morning. This place is incredible, a very quaint and traditional city. It's known for Mochi(which I'm happiest about!!) Rice wine(pasalubong for my friends who love alcohol haha)and a lot of other exciting yummy 
Japanese stuff.

Aside from visiting the most famous Soba & Tempura restaurant in this part of Japan for lunch (I'll post pictures soon), we took part in a 12 course dinner in a super luxurious japanese hotel up in the mountains of Niigata.
efff love it.

Disclaimer: My next few posts might be very food porn-y.
But Jess I super wanna show you everything!

The 12 course meal included:

Baby squid with squid fat. Cold shrimp.
Yummy fish with roe inside.

Seared Beef with a japanese sesame dressing
on top of a salad and yogurt vinaigrette. 

Kurbota Pork Shabu-shabu (black pig). 

Shrimp mochi in clear soup (it tastes
better than it sounds)

Sashimi: Toro, Hamachi, Cold water shrimp,
Squid (the sashimi was soo creamy. Like it seriously 
melts in your mouth. Jess i wish you could try it,
you'd cry!)

Water for our shabu-shabu

Grilled salmon with Pickled ginger roots.

Wagyu beef with fresh wasabi butter.

Dungeness crab with lemon soda butter.

Chawan Mushi.

Honeydew, Dragonfruit and poached pear.

After this we had a Strawberry shortcake.
I'm missing a dish but I can't seem to remember what it is :(
Food coma.

Our view the whole time we were eating.

And now, I'm blogging inside the public bath (not so public
cause no ones here), called Onsen, here at the hotel while having a massage, hence the title of this post. =( 


p.s. Jezzi, i wish you could be here with me.
No one can compare to your excitement when it comes
to Japanese food!


  1. it seems like you're in yuzawa! i miss niigata, my home for 2 years... have fun in yukiguni (snow country).

    1. yukiguni sounds like so much fun!! niigata is so nice! :)


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