Wednesday, April 18

Highschool history in 2 and a half hours

Yesterday I finally was able to join the famous Carlos Celdran tour in Intramuros. And yes, it totally lived up to the hype. Everyone (foreign or Pinoy) should seriously take time and schedule a tour with him. I feel like he summarized all my Highschool history classes in such a short time.

Carlos Celdran takes you back 
in time Philippine history

We start our tour in Fort Santiago (where Jose Rizal was held captive)

 Jose Rizal's steps!

I love the way he's so animated when telling stories! It's super funny!

with fellow "blogger" haha PATRICIA <3 

With my highschool barkada <3 So many of us!!

Some foreigner wanted to try the pedicab, so the driver sat inside while he biked to Ateneo de Manila haha

Ateneo de Manila in ruins from the bombings

Look at the photo he is holding up: it's an actual photo taken by the Americans when they dropped the bomb on Manila

Photo break

Group photo with Carlos Celdran!

Such a great day! This is probably the most entertaining and interesting way to know more about Philippine History! He also has another tour about Imelda Marcos, which I'm hoping to catch soon as well!

The tour is 1000 pesos(500 for students) only and totally worth every cent of it!



  1. Nice shots of Intramuros! :) Rizal wasn't shot in Fort Santiago, though. He was shot in Luneta (then called Bagumbayan). That's why it's also known as Rizal Park, remember? :) He was held captive in Fort Santiago.

  2. oh shiz sorry haha let me fix that!


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