Wednesday, September 26

Isabel Diaz and Ramon Diaz art exhibit

Last Thursday I attended our aunt and uncle's exhibit in Altro Mondo gallery in Greenbelt 5. I came straight from class so I looked horrible (so I don't have photos of myself)

My aunt, Isabel, is my mom's eldest sister (She's the 2nd child out of the 12) and my uncle, Ramon, is my mom's youngest brother. They are both painters, but they each have their own style. My aunt likes to play around with a lot of lighting and she likes painting portraits, flowers and people in motion. Where as my uncle like to paint animals (Koi's in pond) and 3D paintings. My aunt even has a painting in the White House in Washington!

Koi's in a pond by Ramon

 Portrait of Flowers by Isabel
 Polo Players done by Isabel
TV 5 came to cover the exhibit 

Black and white done by Isabel

This is one of my Uncle's 3D painting. It's so cool! You look at it from one angle and as you walk to the other side the painting looks like its moving.

Mom, Aids, Ash and Raymond Diaz 
(he's been adopted to our family na)

My Uncle Ramon (in the middle) with his 2 friends

Aids and Liz came to support

Whole wall covered with a painting of these flowers



  1. Talented family! I love the flower paintings!! Stunning :)

  2. Cool. Isabel is such a talented person. I'm liking her ng sobra na. She's really beautiful and she's into painting din making her more special. :) Hope I can visit her paintings. :)

    1. actually Isabel Diaz is my aunt, my mom's sister :) but my sister, Isabelle, does paint too! haha just not as nice as my aunt haha

  3. Amazing painters, especially your Aunt Isabel, the flowers and polo players are really beautiful painting. Such a talented family you have Ava. <3


  4. thank you so much! :) Yes, she really is so talented!

  5. :Love your painting" Pempy" .. I am a voice from the very distant past... your tocaya--- Isabel Valera...from Santa Isabel .... I live in Trinidad and Tobago now..and came across this page..
    congratulations ... lots of love

  6. Hello Jess and Ava are you still active here?

  7. We have four painting from your aunt Isabel. Great paintings!!!

  8. It would be great if you could connect us with Isabel. We would love to know more about the three wonderful portraits we have from her.


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