Thursday, September 20

After-party with Maroon 5!!

AHH! Can't take it! 

I went to the Maroon 5 concert last Tuesday in Araneta Colliseum with my friends Gerard Sison (who got me in! Yay thanks Gerry!) Jeff Ortega, Natalia Ortega and 4 of Gerard's friends!

My camera is still broken :( So pictures are from Natalia:

Natalia and I

Me and Karen

The concert was awesome! Probably lost 5 pounds dancing. 

So Gerard is friends with Maroon 5's Bassist Mickey and we were invited to drink with them at Shangrila Makati right after the concert! When we got there Adam Levine wasn't there yet but the rest of the band was. Everyone was soo much fun and super friendly! I talked to James (the lead guitarist) most! He was telling me about how he's partied so much in his life already that he was taking "break" (as he was drinking his beer haha). I was talking to one of them who was telling me all the really cool places they've been to (Brazil, Madrid, and Australia are apparently the craziest). I spoke briefly to the keyboard guy as well about how much he loves futbol and he's such a fan of Spain! Then Adam came and my knees buckled and I died. haha No, but he's really so beautiful.
With James (guitarist) and Matt (drumer)

Sam (who was part of Phantom Planet as well, Maroon 5's guitar and keyboardist), Adam (my love) and Natalia

Fernanda and I. 
Freaky red-eye so I had to edit it.

Okay I'm so annoying here. But our whole group!

I got them to try Weng-weng (HATED having to order it cause the name of the drink is so...) and we were all taking shots of Tequila too. I had to leave before I did anything I'd regret :( haha 

What a crazy night!! Such a great time!! 

<3 the groupie in me,


  1. life is not fair :( hahaha im so jealous!

  2. Omg. Lucky you. I flew all the way to Malaysia from Sri Lanka for their concert.. Going to Singapore in the morning to catch them in Singapore F1. Probably gonna be so broke for months.. But totally worth it. Wish I could have gotten their autograph though..

    1. thats so cool! i know i'm really sooo happy i was able to meet them! wish i got an autograph though!


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