Monday, September 10

La Union Surf Competition

We haven't been able to update our blog cause my camera broke and Jess is so busy in London but I'm going to try as much as possible to keep you guys updated! 

So the past few weekends I've been getting darker and darker cause we've been heading to La Union! My mom and her sisters actually grew up in La Union but it was my first time to go last month, and I LOVED IT! I went up with Berta and stayed with Jeff (who has the best house ever!!). Ever since then, we've been trying to go every other weekend! 

Here are a few pictures of our latest trip! Headed to LU with Jeff, Gerard and Berta for an Oakley surf competition. I didn't join it (although my goal is to one day join one haha) but we were there to support Jeff!! He qualified for the semi's! And ofcourse we've met SOO many nice and fun people. Like Kate Bosworth from blue crush has NOTHING on them. haha

These photos were taken with Berta's GoPro camera

7 AM. 5-6 hour car ride.
Some photos of Jeff's gorgeous house:

NANO's Surf rentals/ lessons (I love Nano! He's a BAWS on the beach!)

Swimming at Jeff's!

 3AM after party in McDonalds after the Oakley event. With Chef JP, Nicola & Mia Sebastian, Gerard Sison, Charlie Gomez, Me and Berta Limjap!

Yummy dinner at Angel and Marie's (infront of Surf Camp and Sebay)
With Berta, Nicola, Nikki de la Paz, Jeff, Gerard and Buji Libarnes

Last meal in La Union. We had SUPER yummy Binagoongan Pork, Pork Adobo, Ilokano Empanadita, Bagoong Rice, Sizzling Chicken, Pancit Palabok (their specialty) in a restaurant called Halo Halo de Iloko!

The following photos I asked from Charlie Gomez:

 Hanging by the beach of San Juan with Berta, Gerard, Nicola, Nikki, Charlie, Nina, Edsel and etc. 

I've seen some of the most beautiful sunsets here.

Such a cute photo of Mia's dog Gus!

Jeff Ortega and Buji Libarnes

 Nina Sta. Maria

Photobooth picture at the Oakley event after the Surf Competition with Berta Limjap, Jeff Ortega and Gerard Sison.

If it were up to me I'd be in La Union every week! Thank you so much Jeff for hosting us every time we go!! I suggest everyone try surfing at least once! It's so fulfilling when you get to catch a wave haha And everyone in La Union is soo welcoming and eager to teach you how to surf. Can't wait to go back!

<3 Ava

P.S. Will start to update more often! 

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