Sunday, May 20

Food takes

Jess, I was watching my Geri cook a last minute dinner for our friend who just arrived and decided to be annoying and take pictures and post them cause the menu sounded so good! And you know my 2 favorite words last Christmas hahaha true and truffle

 For our appetizer:
Truffle honey glazed bacon with melted Gruyere cheese

1. Cut French bread into pieces
 2. Spread tomato paste on top of each piece
3. Meanwhile, she cooked the bacon but not fully cause she planned to bake it after
4. Put the bacon on top of each piece and put the pan in the oven

5. When the cheese melted she took it out and drizzled it with some Truffle honey and put some capers on top

 Cajun Shrimp:

 1. Mix together paprika, Cajun pepper, Cayenne pepper, thyme and salt
2. In a frying pan, cook chopped garlic with olive oil and add the spices to it
3. She added the shrimp to it 

There was more but I got distracted while taking pictures :( Anyway if you want to see more mouth-watering food pictures follow @gercamahort on twitter!

<3 Ava


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