Friday, May 11

Scandal behind my sister's Rogue cover

So the past few weeks so many people have asked me exactly what happened with the whole "my mom barging in my sister's Rogue shoot" incident. So just to clear up exactly what happened I've decided to blog about it. haha 

Isabelle Daza for Rogue:

So basically the concept of the shoot was "kill for the crown". Originally, my mom didn't want her to do the shoot because she was scared it would "disgrace" her crown. Fortunately, Rogue was able to think of a concept that my mom finally agreed with.

So I was in the middle of a party when I get a text from my sister telling me that my mom went ballistic when she came into her Rogue cover shoot and screamed at Mark, Rogue staff and basically everyone at the shoot. Then my mom calls me hyperventilating, going on about how my sister was "naka-panty" and that all the crew members could see her practically naked. So being the usual "middle ground", I try to calm her down and let her vent (all the while thinking this is just another one of my mom's exaggerated stories). Anyway, so I call my sister to find out exactly what happened. And then she tells me she was in the middle of her shooting her 2nd layout for the feature, where she's wearing a white striped top (you can see it in the bottom middle part of the photo above, where she's holding some hair) and nude-colored underwear. Below the underwear was the same pattern, except it was pants. In my mom's defense she told me that she could've worn black underwear and there wouldn't have been a problem. So basically after screaming at the crew members saying they're making my sister look like a "whore" she storms out of the venue. The rogue staff decide to follow her and calm her down by agreeing to revise the outfits.

Some background info: Growing up as "Gloria Diaz's daughters" has always been something we're proud of but at the same time, it doesn't allow us to build our own immediate impression on people. In most situations, we're introduced like that, and this is where people usually start off their conversations. Questions like "do you want to join the pageant too?" or "how does it feel to be a miss universe's daughter?" come up in practically every conversation with someone new that is familiar with our mom. So when my sister joined the industry, it was easier for her to build a name, but just like every other person, she didn't want to just be known for this. To make the long story short, every shoot and endorsement my sister has ever done, has been under the supervision of my mom. My mom wants to make sure that she is never over-exposed or taken advantage of. 
So when Rogue asked my sister to do their cover, just like any other person, she was so excited (I mean who wouldn't be?)! So at first, my mom was hesitant to allow her because she knew that most Rogur covers showed a lot of skin. Because I looove Rogue covers, together with George and my sister, we finally made my mom realize that it wasn't "bastos" to pose for the cover. So finally she allowed the shoot to happen. 

When the whole commotion of her screaming happened, my sister was in disbelief. Usually, she'd react way differently, but this time she was quiet and in shock. When my mom threw the popcorn, no one was moving. I saw Solenn the next day and she told me she was so scared my mom would mention her, she slowly tried to creep out of the scene hahaha So both my mom and sister call me to vent to me their sides and I guess I could say they both made a point. My mom should've just expressed her opinion in a lot less dramatic and over-exaggerated way. Two days later, I get a call from my mom telling me she and my sister are at a TV commercial shoot together. Of course, the tension was still there, which is why I was dying to go but couldn't cause of class. My sister tells me as frustrated as she is, she knows she had to be professional and do what she has to do. 

This is the final cover of the shoot and thankfully, everyone loves it (including my mom!) So there, basically I just wanted to clarify what happened so people know exactly how everything went down. haha When i asked my sister how she felt about this whole thing she said "You know how crazy mom can be, but in the end she really just wants the best for me. As much as I hate to admit it" haha hay nako, family drama. Always something you can look back at and laugh. In the meantime, I took advantage of the situation and texted my mom "thank god nalang pala you have a daughter like me" haha



  1. F**king hilarious!

  2. Now, we need more Gloria Diazes! Don't you miss the old days of modest Filipinas? Kung maka-cover ang mga babae ngayon parang wala nang bukas. Kung makapag-panty sa cover kaswal na kaswal lang. Cheers for the so-called arts!!!

  3. Well said, Ava! I had my fair share arguments w/ my mom,your Tita Patsy, and it's never good to let the tension linger... There's always 2 sides to the story and being the 1 to talk to both of them to work this out only makes your family stronger! - john twin

  4. Well written! I love Ms. Gloria Diaz more =) And Belle, too and you especially hahaha. Cute family

  5. but your mom should have been careful on what she said. she called some of the celebrities who graced the Rogue covers as WHORES. HOLIER THAN THOU?

  6. its not funny at all considering what ur mom had said. ur mom should have been careful in calling other celebrities whore. wether her name calling is true or not still she no right to speak bad of others. OUR TONGUE IS LIKE A SWORD IT CAN MAKE OR BREAK A PERSON. BAGO TYO MAGSALITA NG KUNG ANU ANO SA KAPWA NATIN AY MABUTI MANALAMIN PO MUNA TAYO.

  7. Guess the only down side is the name calling "whores"? I mean Isabelle's group are socialites it's just a strong word.

  8. Ava never said that her mom called anyone a "WHORE". She said that they're making her daughter look like one, not that she is one. Besides, in the heat of the moment, anybody can just lose their shit and say something that they didn't mean. Ms Diaz was protecting her daughter from the people that might exploit her if that was their intention or not. YOU GUYS SHOULDN'T TAKE THINGS OUT OF CONTEXT.

    P.S. Ava was trying to clarify the situation and not make it worse for anybody. so, anyone reading this and looking for trouble better stop and think! : )



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