Monday, May 21

German music

Yesterday, Moritz and I went to a music festival called Docklands in Munster, Germany.

After a long journey of train and bus rides from Maastricht, we finally made it to the festival grounds.

One of my favourite German DJs, Fritz Kalkbrenner, headlined the show. As I only knew of him in the recent year, I am sure many people back home have never heard of him or his famous brother, Paul Kalkbrenner but I can assure you that their music is really good!

Some of my favourite songs from the two brothers:

The festival was held around the city itself in different venues.
This was one of them - Coconut Beach Club, a really cool venue in the middle of the city.

Didn't get to take any pictures of the night sadly. 

Im back in Maastricht again for the week/end and leaving on Wednesday back to London.
I finally found a place in East London that I really love which was so difficult to do as the demand for a room in London is so great right now. So excited to go back and fix up my new place! :) 

 To say bye, heres another German song I love and try to sing along to:


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  1. wow that must be extra cool!! love the blog by the way. We can maybe exchange links if you want? going to out you on my top favorite blog links. :)


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