Thursday, May 17

Dedication to Pao and no to driving under the influence

5 days ago I woke up to the most shocking and horrifying news that our long-time friend from High school had passed away... 

He had come from a party and had been drinking. Although he was able to sleep a bit after dropping his girlfriend, he was very tired. He met an accident that took his life away....
 It was his birthday 2 days ago, so together with all the people whose lives he's touched, we held a mass/celebration for him. I wanted to blog a post dedicated to him because of how great of a person he was. Aside from this, I wanted to use this as an opportunity to make people more aware of the danger of driving under the influence.

Paolo Gerardo Bautista Mallari
May 16,1990 - May 13, 2012

That's him up there with his girlfriend for 4 years, Sasa.
Pao was the epitome of a gentleman. Such a great singer, amazing athlete (I think he was the best pitcher of his team. He played for DLSU's baseball varsity) a heartthrob throughout all of high school, such a sweetheart to everyone. 

You'll always be in our prayers Pao. We all love you so much <3 

Such good memories. But I hope no one can spot me. 
Pao's on top watching over all of us and no one even realized he was up there!

Our high school barkada

This is our first loss in the barkada and I can't believe it had to be Pao that would teach us this lesson. It is so unfortunate. So next time you decide to get into the car with someone who has just consumed alcohol, please think again. It's okay to get a cab and just pick your car up the next day. The effort is worth it, it's your life. I really don't wish this unfortunate event on anyone else.

Or assign one person to be the designated driver. Take turns on different nights. 

No one ever thinks it will happen to them but, really, you can never tell what can happen! Please, if not for your sake, for the sake of those who love you, rethink before you get in a car with a drunk driver or you yourself decide to drive drunk. 

Ava and Jess

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  1. as i search paolo gerardo mallari in google, i saw this blog i've been seeing paolo's place in valle verde road and im quite curious what happened to him, such a good looking guy and a very loving man to his family and friends. Please extend my condolences and prayer to his family...godbless


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