Tuesday, May 22

Lady Gaga, thanks to Smart!

Yesterday I got to go to Lady Gaga's concert care of Smart! (Thank you so much!!) I watched her last concert here in the Philippines and, I must say, this concert was waaay better! Aside from scoring seats that were way closer to the stage, the whole concert was so just a lot more fun! I didn't get the best pictures cause I was so distracted. 

Got into the "lady gaga" leather SNM (ew) look haha

Nicole, Madz and my sister

A lot of people complain how strange and obnoxious she is, but after being able to travel to so many different places last year, I realized there are Lady Gaga's all over the world. haha She reminds me of a combination of so many stars. Like a Dita-Von-Teese-meets-Evan-Rachel-woods-meets-kyss-meets-Cyndi-Lauper haha What makes her soo unique and interesting is that she's extremely confident. She's definitely an amazing performer!(you can't argue that she's a sucky celebrity because, whether or not you like the song, I'm sure every one of you knows at least one of her songs)

I don't know where she gathers up the confidence to wear her weird outfits, but I commend her for it. I don't know how much you'll have to pay me to come out in public (even crazier, a press conference) looking like this...

... maybe if you gave me the guy from the "call me maybe" video!

Thank you Smart for giving me a chance to watch her again LIVE and BETTER!


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