Sunday, June 17

Sunday routine

So me and a couple of my friends from the village have made it a point to get together every Sunday night and explore. Two weeks ago we drove up north (around the UP area) looking for a restaurant called "Van Gogh is bi polar", but apparently it already closed down. So we decided to hunt around for other options and finally agreed to try a small mexican joint called Cocina Juan:

The restaurant is really small. It's capacity is probably good for 15 people inside and maybe 10 people outside. I love the whole set up though!

Nachos w garlic cream sauce. Their take on salsa. And mexican style beans

We got the Chicken, Beef and Mozzarella Quesadilla

Potato wedges with the same sauce as the nachos

Tonight my friend suggested to try "The Frazzled Cook". This whole "restaurant search" has become so exciting!! If you guys know of any others please let me know.



  1. Try big bad wolf in fort & milky and sunny in kapitolyo. My friends told me poco deli, in kapitolyo is also good! :) --jo :)

  2. oops, just saw your mike/bbw post.. :)


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